Explore a comprehensive range of innovative solutions that once formed the cornerstone of secure computing. This archive preserves the history of Spyrus security products, offering insights into past technological advancements and their role in shaping data protection.

Disclaimer: This is an archive of Spyrus Inc.’s legacy products. The products listed below are no longer available for purchase. This page and its associated product pages serve as an informational and historical repository.

About Spyrus

At Spyrus, we offer a robust suite of cybersecurity services to protect businesses thoroughly. Our offerings range from detailed security audits and perpetual surveillance to dynamic penetration testing and swift recovery from ransomware attacks. Our 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) and specialized training modules are designed to fortify your team’s defenses, allowing for swift action against cyber incidents, and to maintain the integrity and continuity of your business processes.

Our Products

  • Secure Pocket Drive: A secure portable drive combining a Windows Embedded Standard environment with applications and data files.
  • Rosetta Micro™ Series II: Compact cryptographic security package for embedded applications, ideal for custom devices due to its small size.
  • Rosetta® Series II Smart Cards and USB Security Devices: Versatile security devices for strong encryption, authentication, and various other security-critical applications.
  • Personal Access Reader (PAR) 2: Compact and convenient smart card reader with both standalone and connected operating modes.
  • Rosetta Hardware Security Modules (HSM): Foundational security for cryptographic operations, providing high-assurance security for sensitive data.
  • Hydra Privacy Card® (Hydra PC™): Multifunction security device combining a USB token, storage drive, and hardware-based encryption.
  • Windows To Go Xtreme (WTGXtreme): Drives revolutionizing Windows To Go by allowing multiple operating environments on a single drive.
  • Secure Storage: A range of USB and microSDHC devices offering high-security, convenient, and cost-effective storage and file sharing.
  • Rosetta SD/miniSD/microSD Series II: Hardware security modules in the familiar SD form factor, ideal for both embedded and enterprise applications.
  • Talisman/DS Data Security Suite: Combined Spyrus authentication and encryption with WinMagic’s SecureDoc for comprehensive data-at-rest protection.
  • Rosetta USB: A reader-less smart card in USB form, offering user authentication, digital signatures, and data privacy in a convenient package.
  • TLS® Platinum: A software development kit facilitating the implementation of the SSL and TLS protocols for secure network communications.
  • DeviceSSL: An SDK for adding SSL-based secure communications to embedded systems, PDAs, and Internet appliances.

Our Services

We safeguard your systems and data so you can focus on your mission. We have security services for the following:

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