Hydra Privacy Card (Hydra PC)

The Hydra Privacy Card® (Hydra PC™) Series II was a multifunctional security device that combined the features of a USB security token, a portable storage drive, and hardware-based encryption using the most robust commercial cryptographic algorithms.

Disclaimer: This is an archive of Spyrus Inc.’s legacy products. The Hydra Privacy Card is no longer available; these resources are provided for informational purposes only.

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About Product

It was available in two key versions:

  • Hydra PC Personal Encryption Device – Approved by the US Dept. of Defense for confidentiality of classified tactical data at the SECRET level and below (when operated within the approved security doctrine).
  • Hydra PC Digital Attaché – The first hardware-based USB encryption device with full disk encryption for removable media, encrypted media sharing, and individual file encryption. Supported remote software installation and central device management for enterprise use.

Key Features Across Both Versions

  • Hardware-Based Encryption: Provided stronger security than solutions relying purely on software encryption.
  • Store Encrypted Files Anywhere: Flexibility to store encrypted files on a server, in the cloud, or on the device’s removable microSD cards for expandable storage.
  • Data Containment: A hardware-enforced security mechanism ensured the device could only be unlocked on authorized computers, preventing unauthorized access even if the password was compromised.
  • Block Unauthorized Devices: Mitigated data removal threat from unauthorized USB mass storage devices.
  • Unique Key Encryption: Each file was encrypted with its own unique key, significantly limiting the scope of a potential data breach.
  • Secure File Sharing: Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)-based Sharing Certificates allowed secure file sharing with authorized users without exchanging secret keys.
  • Two- (or more) Person Control: One user could unlock the device while another unlocked specific files for added security.

“WikiLeaks Could Not Have Happened With Hydra PC”

The Hydra Privacy Card® (Hydra PC™) was explicitly designed to prevent data breaches of the scale of the WikiLeaks incident. Had sensitive State Department data been stored using these devices, the breach would have been significantly mitigated or prevented because of the device’s robust security features.

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