TLS Platinum

TLS Platinum was a software development kit (SDK) that empowered software engineers to integrate secure and reliable network security protocols into their applications.

Disclaimer: This is an archive of Spyrus Inc.’s legacy products. TLS Platinum is no longer available; these resources are provided for informational purposes only.

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About Product

Supported Protocols

  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) v2 and v3
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) v1.0

Key Features

  • Secure Key Database: Provided a safe haven for storing private keys.
  • Certificate Management System: Streamlined the process of handling digital certificates.
  • Pluggable Cryptographic Modules: Offered flexibility with two options:
    • SPYRUS B-Free™ Native Cryptographic Engine: Proprietary engine for cryptographic operations.
    • Native Cryptography Module: Supported a variety of algorithms including DSA, Diffie-Hellman, DES, SHA-1, and MD5.

Benefits for Developers

  • Faster Time-to-Market: Leverage the maturity of TLS Platinum’s SSL implementation to expedite development.
  • Cost-Effective Licensing: Spyrus’s B-Free™ engine enabled a range of attractive licensing options to fit various business models, including:
    • Lower prepayment and royalty models
    • Annual licenses (with or without royalty fees)
    • Buyout licenses (no royalty fees)
  • Return on Investment (ROI): The flexible licensing structure reduced development costs.
  • Comprehensive Security: TLS Platinum went beyond protocols. It offered a complete solution for building secure network applications by providing:
    • Secure private-key storage
    • Certificate management
    • Public-key cryptography

Proven Track Record

  • Built upon the foundation of the TLS Gold toolkit – the first commercially available SSL toolkit for developers.
  • Successful deployments across various platforms, including all Windows and Linux versions, and numerous UNIX platforms that supported Berkeley Sockets.

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