Ransomware Data Recovery

When ransomware strikes, count on our experts for swift data recovery and system restoration.

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Your Trusted Partner in Ransomware Recovery

Our seasoned team has successfully recovered data and systems from countless ransomware attacks. We’ve honed our techniques through real-world battles, ensuring a swift and effective response to protect your business.

What’s Covered?

Our comprehensive ransomware recovery services are designed to minimize damage, restore your data, and get your business back on track. Here’s how we help:

Immediate Incident Response

Rapid deployment to isolate infected systems and prevent further spread.

Evidence collection and preservation for forensic analysis.

Ransomware Decryption & Data Recovery

Analysis of ransomware strain to identify decryption possibilities.

Advanced data carving techniques to salvage encrypted files.

Deployment of specialized decryption tools when available.

System Remediation & Strengthening

Cleanup of infected workstations and servers.

Vulnerability assessments and patching.

Security recommendations to prevent future attacks.

About Our Founder

Thomas Ward

Thomas Ward brings over a decade of cloud, infrastructure, and reliability engineering experience to the forefront of Spyrus’s mission. His time at leading tech innovators like Microsoft, Oracle, and MongoDB has shaped his deep understanding of how attackers exploit weaknesses in cloud systems and how to proactively defend them.

Thomas witnessed the rapid shift to cloud environments alongside an explosion of cyber threats. He founded Spyrus out of a conviction to help businesses navigate this complex landscape. He leverages his expertise to build tailored, proactive cybersecurity solutions that protect clients’ sensitive assets and ensure their systems stay up and running – no matter what.

Common Questions

How long does ransomware recovery take?

Recovery time varies depending on the attack’s severity, the types of data impacted, and the complexity of decryption. We’ll provide a realistic timeframe after an initial assessment.

Do you guarantee data recovery?

While we utilize every possible method and tool, data recovery success cannot be guaranteed due to the nature of ransomware attacks. However, our team has a high success rate and always explores every viable recovery option.

Can you help prevent future ransomware attacks?

Absolutely! As part of our recovery process, we conduct a thorough analysis to identify vulnerabilities that led to the attack. We provide recommendations and services to significantly strengthen your security posture.

What types of data can you recover?

We specialize in recovering a wide range of file types, including documents, databases, financial records, images, videos, and more. If the data was encrypted, there’s always a chance for recovery.

How do you handle ransom negotiations?

We strongly advise against paying ransoms directly. We can guide you on safe interaction with attackers if negotiations become necessary and work to minimize your risks.

Do you offer remote or on-site services?

We specialize in remote ransomware recovery. Our team leverages secure remote tools and technologies to analyze the attack, recover data, and remediate your systems – all from a distance for maximum efficiency.

Pricing & Next Steps

Most Popular

Recovery Essentials: $1,900+

What’s Included:

  • Rapid response team available 24/7/365
  • Tailored recovery plans to meet your unique needs
  • Transparent communication throughout the process
  • Expert remediation to reduce the risk of reinfection

Take the first step towards recovery. Contact us today for a free consultation and personalized quote. Our experts are standing by to help you reclaim your data and restore your business operations.