Windows To Go Xtreme

SPYRUS Windows To Go Xtreme (WTGXtreme) drives revolutionized traditional Windows To Go functionality by allowing multiple Windows operating environments on a single drive. Each environment had its independent operational profile with strong cryptographic separation, ensuring a highly secure environment.

Disclaimer: This is an archive of Spyrus Inc.’s legacy products. Windows To Go Xtreme is no longer available; these resources are provided for informational purposes only.

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About Product

Key Features

  • Multiple Processing Environments: Users could have multiple unique cryptographically protected Windows profiles on a single device, ideal for managing different networks, OS transitions (eg., from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10), or accessing various data classification levels.
  • Military-Grade Hardware Encryption: XTS-AES 256 full-disk encryption provided the highest level of commercial data protection.
  • Layered Data Security: Optional BitLocker software encryption for additional “Defense-In-Depth” protection.
  • Secure Boot: Patented SPYRUS technology enforced hardware pre-boot integrity validation, defending against compromised systems.
  • Built-in PKI Smart Card (WorkSafe Pro Xtreme): FIPS 140-2 Level 3/EAL 5+ Rosetta Micro hardware security module enabled two-factor authentication and PKI-based security services (WorkSafe Pro Xtreme).
  • Read/Write Data Vault: Allowed safe storage of changed user files even in Read-Only mode for flexibility.
  • Read-Only Option: Protected against malware and unauthorized changes, providing peace of mind in untrusted computing environments.
  • Enterprise Management: Supported optional integration with SPYRUS Enterprise Management System (SEMS) for remote device management and control.

WTGXtreme Models

SPYRUS offered two WTGXtreme models to meet various requirements:

  • WorkSafe Pro Xtreme: Focused on robust encryption and strong smart card integration.
  • Secure Portable Workplace Xtreme: Aimed at secure, portable computing environments.

Both models offered a range of memory sizes (128GB to 512GB), utilized SSD memory, and supported the USB 3.0 interface for high performance.

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