Route 1 Acquires SPYRUS’s NcryptNshare, Elevating Secure File Sharing to New Heights

Route 1 Inc., an esteemed innovator in digital security solutions, has announced the successful acquisition of SPYRUS’s NcryptNshare, the paramount secure file sharing platform known for its high-level encryption and controlled access functionalities. This acquisition signals a significant advancement in data protection and secure communication for industries and consumers alike, who rely on cloud and other unsecured communication channels.

NcryptNshare has set the industry benchmark by establishing a personal secure vault on each user’s computer, inaccessible without the unique token generated by the user’s PocketVault P-3X. This high-security measure, reinforced by the Rosetta microcontroller, upholds FIPS 140-2 Level 3 standards, ensuring a robust defense against unauthorized access.

The genius of NcryptNshare lies in its ability to share information securely with only the intended recipients, whether through email, instant messaging, or any other public cloud sharing medium. Group members with authorized tokens can access secret file folders, while the patented encryption “seal” by SPYRUS prevents tampering, guaranteeing the protection of data regardless of its storage location.

Recognizing the critical nature of data recovery, NcryptNshare is equipped with an enterprise-managed capability that provides a safety net should a user’s key be compromised. The union of NcryptNshare’s security infrastructure with Route 1’s expertise promises to elevate secure file sharing to an unprecedented level.

NcryptNshare’s integration into Route 1’s offerings will empower organizations to:

  • Securely encrypt and share files across any platform with the utmost confidence.
  • Exercise exclusive control over decryption keys, allowing data owners to dictate who can access their information.
  • Enjoy a double layer of encryption for defense in-depth data protection.
  • Utilize a comprehensive list of cryptographic functions, including RSA and elliptic curve algorithms, ensuring compatibility with international cryptographic standards.

This acquisition stands as a testament to Route 1’s dedication to fortifying its secure file sharing and data protection services. As the digital workplace expands beyond traditional boundaries, the ability to share information securely and efficiently has become indispensable. Route 1, with the inclusion of NcryptNshare, redefines secure collaboration, offering solutions that safeguard data without compromising on accessibility.

For more information about how this enhanced secure file sharing solution can be integrated into your data security strategy, visit Route 1’s official website or contact their customer support team.

Thomas Ward

Thomas Ward

Thomas Ward brings over a decade of cloud, infrastructure, and reliability engineering experience to the forefront of Spyrus’s mission. His time at leading tech innovators like Microsoft, Oracle, and MongoDB has shaped his deep understanding of how attackers exploit weaknesses in cloud systems and how to proactively defend them. Thomas witnessed the rapid shift to cloud environments alongside an explosion of cyber threats. He founded Spyrus out of a conviction to help businesses navigate this complex landscape. He leverages his expertise to build tailored, proactive cybersecurity solutions that protect clients’ sensitive assets and ensure their systems stay up and running – no matter what.